Welcome to Nurse Lavinia's Adult Family Homes

The Adult Family Home care model offers a non-institutional, small care environment with an average resident to caregiver ratio of 6:1. Smaller care environments often translate to better care, as caregivers are allowed more time to focus on individual needs, pay attention to detail and tend not only to the physical needs of a client, but his emotional and spiritual needs as well.

This is a more comfortable situation for everyone: from the caregiver’s perspective, he or she can really get to know a resident’s baseline condition and the resident benefits from having a familiar caregiver that is knowledgeable and responsive to his needs.

Nurse Lavinia's Care Homes are owned and operated by a registed nurse. In addition to services typically offered in adult family homes, we provide:

Medication administration
Tube feeding
Ostomy and wound care
Urinary catheter care
Diabetic care
Nebulizer/breathing treatments
Oxygen management
Geriatric Registered Dietician On-call